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Innovationis specialised in recruitment for all levels of positions within areas of IT, Telecommunication and new technologies. If you are than a specialist in one these disciplines, there is a high possibility, that we have an offer tailor-made for you.

As professionals we will not be contacting you with each improper offer. We do analyse precisely each application and approach candidates whenever we are certain that we have a good match.

Working with specialists you may make you avoid confusing situations that may happen to consultants without knowledge of the sector. Your application will never be shown to any employer without your permition. Make sure you know to whom you entrust your personal information!

Remember that consultants of Innovation have been dealing with IT&T sector only for many years. None of us is a specialist in your area as you are, however you can talk to us freely about technologies and all aspects of your work.

Nevertheless we have a proper offer right now or not, your application is very important to us. It will be placed in our system to make us able to react promptly whenever we have an offer to talk about. We shall contact you than to schedule a meeting before we will be presenting our recommendation to the client.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!