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Innovation offers the broad set of recruitment tools, and thanks to its specialisation is able to use it in a possible short time.

The key method we use to approach high level managers and specialists is direct and executive search. Thanks to our experience and deep knowledge of information technology and telecommunication environments we are able to reach and talk to Candidates meeting even very sophisticated expectations of our Clients.

Database of Innovation is the result of many complex processes of recruitment. Moreover it contains of information about all Candidates that were ever applied to us spontaneously and of course as a result of our advertising and direct approach.

We use advertising to attract Candidates actively looking for a job. It is a very useful tool for mass recruitment processes for lower or less demanding positions. We do cooperate with most efficient job portals and press media in Poland and often we offer free advertising as an additional source to direct approach projects.

We are focused on recruitment only, and therefore we do it best.